Saving Ourselves

Our new web video series Saving Ourselves brings you inside the most important question of our global climate crisis—how do we solve it. While the situation is dire, it is not too late to save our world. Saving Ourselves is an inspiring story of brilliant humans, working together to pull humanity back from the brink of destruction.

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Episode 1
Building an Offshore Wind Farm
Announcing the premiere of Saving Ourselves, an inspirational climate show! We go inside the process of building Vineyard Wind, the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in the US. Offshore wind projects are giant wind turbines out in the ocean that generate a huge amount of renewable electricity. The US has some of the best offshore wind in the world; so much that some people call it the Saudi Arabia of wind. Now, lots of upcoming projects will pump this electricity that doesn’t emit CO2 to the East Coast towns and cities. This is the start of how we solve the climate crisis.
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Episode 2
First Components Arrive in US for First Offshore Wind Farm
A major milestone for solving the climate crisis: the first components for the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in the US arrive in Massachusetts. This moment represents years of work, and to many folks in the industry it shows that things are finally actually taking off for offshore wind in the US.
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Episode 3
Why are Wind Turbines Bigger in the Ocean than on Land?
Offshore wind turbine blades are longer than a football field. But on land, they have to be smaller. The bigger the blade, the more electricity is generated by the turbine. That’s part of why we’ve gone to sea. Turbines are getting bigger and bigger, much faster than anybody expected. Now, one rotation can power a house for two days. What’s next? It’s gonna get crazy.